The Opening and the Calling

The Opening

The Opening…We have all experienced at some point in our life an Opening. The Opening first begins with a feeling of discontentment and some how our perception of how we’ve been choosing to live just doesn’t feel right anymore.

We begin to feel irritable with our partners, we start to question some characteristics of the friends we have around us and our work begins to feel like work and is no longer enjoyable. This is the calling of the Opening that things are changing and as much as we want change we also feel the fear to change so we sit in a pit of emotion that makes us feel uncomfortable and as most humans we try to do everything to shift the feelings that have surfaced by trying out different ways to keep the old so we don’t have to make that risky leap of changing our whole life. And even though we may try the uncomfortable feeling grows so does the irritable inner voice..and this is where it begins.

We can longer hide or distract from what we’re feeling and we begin to confront those around us but more importantly ourselves. For any person that walks a path of awareness knows the painful process of feeling what needs to be felt to move to the next phase of our life.

This is The Opening and we experience many times in our lifetime of an Opening, a calling we have to rise to or live in permanent stress and chaos that eventually the tower falls or/and it begins to manifest in our physical bodies.

I thought this is the perfect photograph for the Opening. I remember taking this photo at Yallingup beach and I was feeling this very feeling. This is where I began to question every aspect of my life which has led me here to another Opening where I am challenged to now place my artwork and creativity in the world which in fact is the expression of all of me. Not an easy thing to do and I think any artist can agree with me but the Opening has passed and now I feel A Calling.. and my Calling looks something like this…

A Calling is knowing that things need to change and we begin to make that first step forward. The first light is revealed and we begin to embark on our new journey. This blog post is my Calling it is my first light to expressing my art and all of who I am.



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