Authentic Decision Making

I was thinking about that moment when we make that decision to confront our fears and we take that leap of faith and try something completely different to what we’ve been conditioned to know. The struggle we get caught in where the ego vs the authentic self and the uncertainties and fears arise and the thousands of what ifs that come with this agonising space. Made me wonder the space we would feel within ourselves if we stood back from the battle and just allowed the art of allowing to take over instead.

But its a process, a journey where we do need to go into battle and understand where the ego and the emotions are coming from so when it arises again we know exactly what the ‘story’ is. And thats what it is just a story and like most stories its coloured with many emotions and most of these emotions have fears beneath them wanting us to be the star of our own story to feel a sense of importance even if we choose to play the victim its never our fault it was always someone outside of ourselves that created this story.

I suppose at that point we have to be present enough to see we are the ones that is still telling the story so therefore whatever role we have chosen to play in the story we have chosen to be.

Our fear ‘needs’ to make us feel important because we fear beneath it all we aren’t important so we keep telling a similar story depending on how we feel in the moment if we need more reassurance that we’re ok theres the possibility that it may be more dramatic.

Its when we make the decision to understand our emotional patterns and make the decision to change the way we have chosen to live and open our eyes to see beyond our stories do we actually begin to make that first step to begin to live to our full potential.

Its so important when we choose to make this first step forward to give ourselves the permission to just BE so we can listen to our inner voices and not react on the emotions that will keep us in our stories.

The art of being, breathing, allowing yourself to just feel without feeding the fear, to let go and surrender something that is more powerful than a story can ever be. After thinking this I found a photo I took a little while back that for me captures that moment to remember to just be..

When we make that decision to keep making the steps forward one at a time to be our potential beyond any ‘power’ a story can give to us that we also have to make the room to allow the art of allowing to just BE to give ourselves permission to feel and become the journey we have chosen to take.

xxxxxxxxxxx much love


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