Just BE

There is a darkness that is not emotional it is spirit, it is no-thingness.
When we experience this level of knowing we feel the essence of the Great Spirit surrounding us.
Within this sacred space we feel so many possibilities, unlimited creativity, unconditional support and love.
A knowing and a trust that everything is as it’s meant to be and we can heal and achieve anything.
Here we sit silently and lovingly in our true centre, in Source and surrender.
Doorways of consciousness are revealed and in this realisation we see we are everything and nothing all at once.
We see we are One and separate.
We can experience this no-thingness by being conscious within our silence, within our stillness.
This higher consciousness we strive for is achieved by simply BEing.
There is nothing to strive for you are already there.
Just Be.

Oil pastel on canvas ~ Sold โค๏ธ


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