The Awakened Artist

My new work The Awakened Artist will be shared through this blog.
I will explain more some other time but I wanted to share this as I’ve received a few messages from clients about this topic and I wanted to share it here.

The messages from clients were about how some artists over price their work and how do I feel about that.
My honest answer: I don’t.
All I can say is follow your intuitive feeling.
Expressing your soul work through business is a personal journey and if you pay attention you grow through any fear blockages.
Those that over price I believe need to cave a little more and sit with their heart and they may never and they may do either way it’s their journey and you don’t need to be part of it.
There is a lot of spiritual illusion floating around and many people believe the more you charge for your work you’re ‘valuing’ yourself.

* You are already valuing yourself by choosing to live your passion *

Self value comes from within it is not measured in dollars it is measured in integrity, respect and love.
An exchange in energy which is a respect for Universal energy, the energy of Oneness should always carry respect, love and integrity.
Overcharging lacks integrity and I believe this is what people are intuitively feeling from those businesses.
Listen to those feelings, that’s you valuing yourself.
As an artist show up to your work with the love and joy you feel when you create.
If you begin to feel insecure, uncertain, unsure or you find yourself comparing yourself to other artists, stop.
Take time out, go within and explore what fears have surfaced then create those feelings, move through the block and express those fears into something beautiful.
These feelings will direct you to a more authentic alignment that FEELS GOOD TO YOU about your work and feeling good is the primary focus to following your passion.



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