Where the fuck are we going?

I woke up with that feeling of ‘where the fuck are we going as people?’
I am a natural medium I have been working as a medium since I was 16 I’m now 38 and deeply attuned with our planet I have a strong connection with Earth and this question and feeling has been raised more than once particularly over the last 7 years as I just see we are spinning out of control and into a dark place where so many are losing their sense of self, their connection to their own soul and majority have no relationship with our Earth.
I don’t believe we can be a balanced human being without having a relationship with the Earth and Self. This is what keeps us grounded and connected to the Source within and without.

Without that connection to Source we are just surviving.

(Sigh) so where to from here today?
When I feel like this well pretty much any feeling I create. I focus on the heaviness and I choose a medium and I create the heavy dark feelings that have emerged and something beautiful even if it’s dark comes out.
Like this photo of the ocean I took I changed the settings to express what I’m feeling in this moment:


When I was moving through one of the darkest experiences around sexual abuse years ago I drew fairies for three hours at my kitchen table.
Never drew a fairy before that but each one carried a different feeling I have two of them here to show you.



Body movement and creativity helps to move what we’re feeling inside whatever the medium it doesn’t matter.
I had one client and her primary creative expression was food so I told her to express her feelings by using different foods and dishes to express how she feels and it worked for her.
When she was angry it was spicy, when it was emotional it was soup :), when it was complex and she needed to reflect it out she made a three layered cake, cool hey? 😊

Ok so message delivered I’m going to get off here and create and if any of you are feeling the same even begin with jotting down the different emotions you’re feeling to move it, to bring it to your awareness.

Our feelings need our presence in order for it to be released otherwise we are just pushing them down.
Let it out create something beautiful with something dark.


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