Creative Block.. what block?

At the moment I feel a block with my drawing.
When I look at the paper or canvas I feel frustrated and if I draw I see the same stuff flowing out.. which isn’t a bad thing but through that frustration I can see there’s something new that really wants to emerge.
I think a lot of artists and writers get mistaken that it’s our creativity that’s blocked but it isn’t it’s our emotions that’s blocking our creative flow.
Our creative energy is abundant it’s our emotions that gets in the way.
Also, and I’ve been a huge one for this, when in the past I would feel blocked I wouldn’t create I’ll try but if nothing works then I would walk away and it could be months before I pick up a piece of charcoal.
So now I create the block and if you’re a writer write about the block, describe it go into detail write about what it feels like.
If you draw or paint choose colours intuitively that can express your emotions and frustrations.
If you’re a photographer take photos that expresses the frustration within.

What I’m saying is place your awareness around your emotions and express it through your craft not only will you stay in your creative flow but you will create something beautiful from your frustrations and this is the turning point for the new.

So this is my block. It’s not meant to be anything snazzy it’s just creating the frustration.
So in order I’ve completed three days so far…


Day one


Day Two: notice how the woman is more within. I felt with this drawing a combination of feelings; sadness, anger, a fearful feeling of letting go.
So here’s day 3…


Ok so day three I can see there’s movement, healing and a gentle opening. See that white patch there? I felt a sense of emptiness which I’m going to explore further as I felt mixed emotions with that patch of nothingness.

I’ll keep you posted… 😊 and I’ll show you as well what I have been creating 😊


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