Money and Healing

Recently I’ve observed a lot of competitiveness and jealousy with those working in the alternative healing and arts.
Look regardless whether you work in this area or not we’ve all observed this in our work and personal life so what I’m about to share is something to reflect on.
Usually competitiveness is connected to money and being ‘seen’ or wanting to be ‘known’.
All money issues are related to the relationship we have with our Self and our connection to Source, the Creator, Goddess.. however you choose to view Oneness.

Ultimately this is connected to base chakra/inner child/past life healing.
Our relationship with money is connected to old wounds around love and support, and for healing purposes I connect this wounding to the inner child (as this is something we can work with in the here and now) from the lack of love and support we received growing up from our parents or caregivers.

As a child we look to our parents or caregivers as our SOURCE for love and support where we carry pain in this area is where we carry our fear of money and our fear that the Universe will not support us and the life we choose to live as we see money and the Universal energy through the eyes of our wounded inner child.

These wounds are a gift to heal, to be aware of, to learn to understand money isn’t the problem we are just viewing it from our pain.
The Universe is ever supporting but our lack of trust with relationship with ourselves again is connected to our pain, our lack of faith is our lack of belief in our Selves.

To want to be ‘seen’ or ‘known’ is to look outside of who you are to be acknowledged.
Ultimately there are wounds and aspects of Self that is wanting YOUR attention and awareness.
To crave for this attention like the wounded child is to be forever more wanting attention that you’re in pain (an attention that can never be fed) and want to be seen, heard, loved.
All I can say is go within and heal and love all of you.
You do not need the attention from anyone only from yourself.
Just do what you love because you love it and it brings you joy that’s the ultimate healing โค๏ธ



2 thoughts on “Money and Healing

  1. I absolutely agree with you. You can’t attract money in your life if you have negative feelings about it. “Do what you love, the money will follow.”
    Realizing that the craving for money(or anything else) may come from the place of insecurity, fear or lack of love will help a person to understand what’s stopping it from coming.

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