It’s oh so quiet..

In stillness we move, we grow..

It’s oh so quiet (love Bjork) what I mean its a real within time … to listen to our inner voices, our intuition though in the meantime I’ve been creating I’ll show you a few pieces.


The drawings above was created after a spirit channel late one night last week. These drawings comes as a deep relief for me manifesting my inner world on canvas. There’s usually an excess energy after a channel and I find drawing, writing and sitting outside helps ground the energy.











This jewellery piece above is a custom made order for a beautiful woman. I have a few more I’ve made which I will show you now. I’ve been spending a lot of time making jewellery it seems to be a beautiful expression of  energy and messages received from spirit and then passed on for someone to wear the energy, I just love it. Here’s a few more..











These pieces were created on the weekend and will be available for sale through my Facebook page or my website —–>

and last one 🙂











Art is taking over my world and there is no complaints from me at all this is where I want to be its an endless world of wonderment and I love nothing more than to explore other peoples artistic worlds if you’re an artist in any form please leave the link of your blog site in the comments I would love to come over and love what you do. xxx


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