Rest vs Survival Instinct

Rest or survival instinct?

Let me explain. My body has been telling me to stop for the last four days and I’ve been staying present with that feeling and found myself escaping a few times hoping and wishing to be quiet in the forest or beach somewhere but things needed to be done.. or do they? Really will the world end if an order is a day late? Will my daughter really fail her education if I just can’t do it for a day or two?? (I homeschool)

Our thinking becomes irrational because we’re running on fear and our energy levels are low. I believe for me to have a deep and wholesome connection with my inner world stopping is essential, it’s a must and I get that adrenalin rush and fearful feeling of ‘fuck I can’t stop’ but that’s an important feeling to listen to it’s also irrational when we take that time to return to centre that yes we can stop and we need to.

Being a sensitive and creative soul I need to stop and listen and process the feelings that have made me believe I can’t stop and I usually I use writing to explore what feelings have surfaced and what is needing my attention. It’s essential and if not I become emotional and I see that with so many people because we are conditioned to keep going, meet that fucking deadline or whatever it is but that’s not normal and we’re not flowing to our own individual intuitive flow, our natural flow we are being told and conditioned to listen to somebody’s expectation.. and fuck that!

When I stop and listen I receive exactly what I need to do next, I tune into my own intuitive natural flow, my authentic voice, I receive creative visions for my next pieces, ideas, thoughts, feelings become positive so yeah then I know I’m tuned into me.

That churning feeling we can feel in our stomachs is our authentic voices letting us know something is needing our attention. So today I give permission to myself to stay in bed and so far the world hasn’t fallen apart 😉 if this fits for you too maybe you’re needing to stop as well… and fuck it’s nice to stop!! 🙂

Listening.. by me Astara Lak'ech
Listening.. by me Astara Lak’ech



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