Beautiful Chaos

I challenge you to feel.
To not react on the powerful emotional charges we feel at times and create it out instead.
You know what I’m talking about. Those powerful moments of anger, frustration, neediness, grief, fear.. where you just impulsively want to act, to run, to numb those feelings, to distract them.
Though by running, numbing, reacting how will we ever get to the bottom of understanding these powerful charges that can keep us from living our full potential, keeps us on the merry-go-round of self destructive patterns.
I challenge you to pick up whatever it is you create with and confront those feelings head on and create it out.
Yeah it’s challenging but it’s more challenging to stay in survival mode and reliving the same shitty patterns we keep ourselves in.
Let’s create a new pattern and break the old.
And please no harsh judgements on what you create it is a release an understanding of what’s happening within you.
Those judgements are how you actually judge yourself if it’s not ‘perfect’ if you’re not perfect.. and guess what? You’re perfectly imperfect so pick up that pen, camera, paint brush, charcoal, lump of clay whatever and create.
Out of chaos comes something beautiful and art is such a beautiful teaching there is always wisdom and love from our darkest places.

Earths Movement by Astara Lak’ech

Intuitive Goddess created through emotional turmoil. Was so great to get my hands dirty when feeling so much.


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