When there are no Words

I’ve had this blog post in my head for the last week or so.
I really wanted to write it down but there are times in life where you just cannot explain yourself using words they just don’t feel enough.
In the last two weeks I’ve taken on extra art therapy subjects focused on trauma and I used some of the exercises on my own experiences and yeah… I was really left with very few words and it was beautiful.
A beautiful communication between body, mind and spirit with paint, pastel, charcoal, water colour and ink.. they spoke to each other silently with such knowing and I am so grateful.
It was an intuitive communication of one of my deepest traumas and there are many traumas but what came out was a release and a relief and actually viewing that pain on canvas is beautiful and we learn from it if we choose to heal it.
This painting was done with mixed media around the trauma and loss of my baby. It was so freeing..


No brushes just fingers.
It flowed intuitively with no judgement along with four other paintings there after.
This painting was created not long after the one above and you can see the transformation from the cyclic pain to yes a lot of movement but there was an awakening, and a peace which followed.


I still have a few more paintings to create around traumas I’ve experienced and there’s many but they are birthing into something beautiful and meeting parts of myself I haven’t connected with since I was 2.
But this is what happens when you choose to move it something I’m working on at present see below.


That’s the journey so far I’m taking a small break to catch my breath and enjoy what has unfolded so far then I’m going back in again I just wanted to share how very healing art really is. Xxx



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