How many masks do you wear? Have you ever contemplated that question or observed your own behaviour through different situations and scenarios? And if so have you ever asked yourself why and allow that question to take you to the very core of that behaviour?

How many masks do you wear with your family? Your partner? Your children? yes your children because I have watched myself replay patterns of conditioned behaviour past down from my parents and have watched many parents do the same. You are aware thats not you right?

How big are the masks you wear to protect yourself? What lies do you tell yourself from feeling pain? From accepting the truth of what is? And why…

The mask you wear at your work place.. you know the ‘job’ that needs to be done to ‘live’ to ‘survive’ if you were to take that mask off and look at the person beneath that mask what would he/she say about what the masked persons choice of making you work there?

What is the difference from knowing you’re lying to yourself and still choosing to live the lie than to actually not know you’re living a lie?

What is it that you are trying to mask from yourself…

minimalistic quotes masks oscar wilde v for vendetta 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_4 one_hundred_quotes___day_76_by_joycefungx-d62mpgw 10338-let-the-real-me-step-forward-please-as-i-remove-my-masks


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