Between Spaces

I’ve had a blog post in the back of my mind since the last one and its been a few weeks.

For me it feels like months. Feels like time has sped up again and everything is moving so fast just feels like there isn’t enough time in one day to get everything done.

I’m happy to say everything I wanted to achieve this year I have successfully and between spaces I’m trying to soak up moments where I can appreciate what I’ve created so far.

I read this beautiful comment this morning and it went like this, ‘ The meaning of success changes when love enters the room.’

Beautiful. I automatically connected it to me. Loving yourself more means your priorities change and the achievements I placed in front of myself this year isn’t what I think most people would think. Most people connect achievements with financial goals as I watch endless amount of people constantly striving for materialistic or social status.

Thats never been me anyway but I flipped everything around two years ago and made everything about loving me and deepening my relationship with myself, I made a commitment to me.

Thats the first time I’ve ever placed myself first..EVER and wow how everything has changed for the better so much abundance in every aspect of my life but again everything is still in the flow of change nothing ever will be permanent again.

I say that because we hold onto ideas for insecurities sake that things will last forever. Whether we are open to movement of the Sacred Feminine in our lives or not She is rising and destroying everything in Her way that isn’t real, the illusion is falling it’s time for sacredness.

I’ve heard myself say many times ‘this constant change is relentless’ and I’m sure so many of you would agree but its not the change thats relentless I realised but my fear of flowing with Her, flowing and being open to impermanence. Scary thought isn’t? but yes its just a thought, an idea, an illusion.

Stability is going with the flow, ALLOWING yourself to go with the flow.

So I’m leaving you with these words and promise I’ll write more, I’ll make space to write more.

I also just want to thank everyone who has visited my site. When I logged on to write today the stats of my site has gone through the thank you ❀ xxx


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