Honouring of She

My relationship with myself is deepening and as this is deepening so is my connection to the Sacred Feminine the honouring of my feelings, creativity, healing my wounds around change (which I believe we all carry) so I can ease and flow more with the Sacred Feminine because thats what the Divine Feminine is all about constant change and flow She is never certain, always changing always growing and evolving.

Since I was a child at a very young age I had a very strong and deep connection with spirit and seeing and feeling the truth of what is in any situation and growing up in a dysfunctional home pushes you inward to hear and listen more to your own intuitive feelings in my case my natural psychic and clairvoyant abilities to keep myself safe, you learn to feel when to speak and when not to, when to leave your room and when not to, so much so I began warning my older brother  about being ‘good’ so we don’t get beaten. I know its pretty sad but thats the truth of what it was for us and I’m thankful for the fire in my gut which gave me the strength and determination to not allow anything negative get in my way of experiencing true happiness. It sounds like it was easy to get to that frame of mind but it wasn’t and at times it still isn’t but it gets easier and easier the stronger the relationship with yourself you experience the true connection of what happiness is and not fall for the illusion that things, stuff or people will make you happy the true happiness connection really does come from within.

This post was going to be about sharing my deep connection and path as a Pagan and witch but as I write I can’t help to have my thoughts being pulled to a beautiful boy who took his life at the age of 17 just recently about 6 weeks ago now, a young man my daughter had a strong connection with. He was an incredibly sensitive, creative and intuitive young man so beautifully gentle and clearly was an old soul who felt misunderstood, not heard and not seen by the world we live in today. Which I completely understand.

For us highly sensitive intuitive souls we feel every feeling and pain is felt like a stab with a knife, we soak every feeling of others around us as our empathy and compassion seems to be unusually high if we were to compare ourselves to others. We are misunderstood, our emotional reactions can seem over the top, our care is looked at as weakness, the time we spend on our own is taken as antisocial.

And its not like that at all.

Our emotional reactions is because we feel so much, our care is genuine and we spend time on our own to recharge to hear our own internal voice and to be away from people because sitting in their presence or walking into a crowd we feel so much and that is how you honour your own Sacred Feminine within, your uniqueness, your trust in yourself and see with clear eyes that yes I’m different.

Thank Goddess for art is all I say.

Exposed by Astara Lak’ech (c)

Art is my sacred space to completely be with every feeling, a space where I can hear myself and plug into the web of life and just listen..be and feel no matter how powerful the feelings, it is a safe place to be and grow and do something that I can’t get enough of. Being highly sensitive is NOT a weakness but a huge strength to be in such a chaotic and disconnected world.

Love my tribe where would this world be without those whose empathy changes the world?


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