Between Worlds

I was sitting at the beach the other day. It was overcast and windy my favourite time and I lost myself watching the waves..

Even just thinking about that moment right now I feel relaxed and it takes me to a place between worlds where even if I feel overwhelmed with emotion I still feel calm, I know I’m alive and I’m breathing through it.

There’s a sacredness in that space and I think many of you know what space I’m talking about. It’s that space where no matter how you feel that connection with nature you can feel that sacredness that there is more to life, more to whats happening in the present than what you feel you know, and you know you’re not alone and you can feel the power of it.

I was staring into these waves above and focusing on the turbulence beneath it and the many powers at play.

It got me thinking of this power which we are a grain of, this beautiful sometimes turbulent and sometimes so fragile energy is what we are created of and we use it to create with.

Realising how powerful it is and at the same time so vulnerable this amazing creative energy.


It makes you think though doesn’t it? Looking at that photo above of the waves and remembering the power of the crashing waves, knowing that we are made of this very power. Sitting and watching the power and beauty of it wouldn’t it be lovely if we can observe our own fluctuations the same way instead of trying to control how we think we should be, or how we think our writing, painting, drawing, photography should be and just allow ourselves to just BE.

I think if we did we would be more like those rose petals above soft, open, vulnerable… isn’t that a comforting and soothing thought… xxx


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