The New

Anyone else feeling like clearing out stuff?
I’m not just talking about material stuff but getting clear with intentions with where we want to go, letting go of those connections we hang onto for whatever reason we tell ourselves we should hang onto them really just making room for new energy.
New new new is what I’m feeling.
Not because we’re coming close to ending yet another year but because it feels right and feels like it could be a big step into yet another step into our empowerment.

I feel the stirring of new creative ideas which I’m sitting with and making steps to manifest them I made a couple of steps just this morning by ordering the supplies to create them.
Excited but shitting myself why?
Think it’s just part of the new energy a new feeling of self belief that yes I fucken can, constantly letting go so the creative flow keeps flowing and the abundance in every area in my life is flowing in.

Isn’t it strange how we hang onto what’s comfortable and we keep pushing that very same energy and yet it’s not working? And yet we fear letting go of it.
Why as human beings we have trouble with letting go accepting the life and death cycle of life in every way, in everything we do.
Everything ends eventually why is it that we can’t accept change?
Why do we choose to create more pain for ourselves by hanging into the old?

Isn’t it easier to fall into the unknown and trust ourselves that we can make whatever we want happen?

This painting I recently created kinda explains what I’m feeling.

Sit in our own personal power and just let the fuck go.



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