Frustration my Dearest Friend

Ok airing this here because I’m I’m sure many of us feel this at times.

Ok the new. New creations are emerging in my world amazing creations but that block that fucking block where you can see it and sure you can create it BUT it feels like something is holding you back like moving forward with a lucky band around your waist. Aaarrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

It’s right there taunting you every minute of the day and you try to stop to go within, have a look around at what needs your attention BUT you distract yourself with the stupidest things and it feels like the longer you leave it the more the frustration builds. I feel like screaming fuck at the top of my lungs.

To my dear friend frustration,

We have been close you and I for sometime and yes you shit me when you hang around but I also know you well enough now that you’re the key to unlocking what needs to flow through but the key changes often and I shift my focus on what an arsehole you can be and really its not like that. I apologise and thank you for your patience as I realise now that I just need to surrender to you. Forgive me for being an arse as by just writing this I have reminded myself that I need to surrender.

With love your blind sighted friend xoxo

Who says writing isn’t magic. There you go I just reminded myself that I have to surrender.



4 thoughts on “Frustration my Dearest Friend

  1. things in the past or just life around me tend to get to , so I understand screaming as I’ve been doing that lately dear Astara xx where in some ways you feel like killing others , because they get on your nerves .. But I feel like crying & letting it all out or going for a walk to release that energy … So it’s bloody good to let out beautiful in anyway you feel , thank you for being the artistic soul you are.. With love always Eoin xx

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