Healing the Temple of She

Healing the Temple of She
*New Service*

For too long the temple of the Goddess has been abused in many obvious and subtle ways.
For too long the sacred feminine temple has been told it needs to look a certain way to be beautiful, loved, accepted.
The crippling affects this has on a woman’s self esteem blocks the magic of Her inner and outer wilderness.
I am hoping to assist with the healing process with this offering for my beautiful sisters…

I’ve been doing this for close friends for a little while but I felt it was time to offer it to the world in hope that each woman that participates sees just how beautiful and perfect She is inside and out and how She is truly a unique sensual art form, a temple of the Goddess.

How this works: I ask for the participant to take a photo of Her body in a pose that is comfortable for Her. I don’t ask for full nudity unless that is something you wish but at least to have the breast exposed.
I will then convert the photo to monochrome (black and white) and draw the pose on A1 cartridge paper to be framed as a piece of art to be hung in your sacred space at home.

Because that is what you are.
A beautiful sensual art form.
It is time for the sacred feminine to accept and heal Herself wholly.
It is time to love and accept Her as She is.

Artist note: photographs and identity is confidential and sacred.
This will NOT be shared only the charcoal drawing will be shared on my site with no other details.
If you would like to know more or book for a drawing of Healing the Temple of She please email me at thecavewomban@gmail.com ❤️

Healing the Temple of She
Charcoal on cartridge



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