New Life

Who else is feeling a surge of pure energy moving and changing everything within and without though we can’t see the manifestation of this change yet?
Can anyone else feel the stirrings of something new? Just the powerful movement of energy within wanting to take shape but nothing is clear yet to what that could be or what it should be shaped into?

Fuck it’s doing my head in.
Feeling A LOT.
It feels like a seed was planted a while ago and the the first shoots have sprung to life but it needs to be nurtured and it needs loving attention to allow this new and fragile stages to grow into something strong and healthy… but it’s new born so we need to go within our sacred space and listen to what it needs for it to grow.

That’s what I’m feeling and I haven’t stopped creating because the energy is strong and it wants to move but I have to be careful with it and really listen to nourish it into something beautiful and loving…

Anyone else feeling the stirring? ….




4 thoughts on “New Life

  1. Yes, I’m feeling this and yes it’s doing my head in too! It’s as if I’m in slow motion whilst traveling at light speed if that makes any sense?! What I intuit is that when it births it will be perfect and expansively freeing πŸ™‚

    Much love to you hon and thank you for your perfectly timed wisdom x

  2. Yep, doing my head in too, intense energies swinging like a pendulum, back and forth, wiped out, hit by a bus kinda vibe, then on some huge energetic high. It has a manic feeling about if for sure. Balance … come to me !! xxxx have to say, as i said to you last night, just going with what is. Enjoying being in both, surrendering to it all. Using the intense energy to create, and the hit by bus energy to rest. Observing it all.Thanks for your insight x have a great day

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