Inner World, Inner Wilderness

In complete stillness I began to write this post about our inner world, inner wilderness.
I felt a surge of anxiety and excitement and thought, ‘How is this going to unfold?’
Then I thought, ‘I know what I want to say but will the words fall onto the page how I want them too? Or will I have to search for the words between the moments of anxiety and excitement?’
After writing that I fell into deep stillness and listened to myself breathing which placed me in a meditative and relaxed place….now I’m starting to feel sleepy and I stop writing….
Who will read this I ask myself?
It doesn’t matter I answered I love this thought and I want to share the words and then both parts of myself agreed… πŸ™‚

Hell yeah that was an honest expression of what I was feeling while writing this.
My inner world well wilderness I call it because within a wilderness there are things that is so incredibly beautiful, things that terrify you, things that make you curious and things that make you sad that you wish you can change and so on as it goes..

How well do you know your inner world?
How often do you make time to explore your inner wilderness?
Have you seen and felt things so scary you chose to stop exploring?
Please don’t.
Everything that you want is within that wildly realm of you.
You don’t need to go anywhere you just need the courage, determination and curiosity of an explorer.
There are mountains to climb I assure you, there are things that will scare the shit of you I guarantee you but there will be also moments of awe, unique unfounded beauty that will excite you when you have found it, and through your curiosity determination and strength you will learn to love being an explorer of your inner wilderness.
You will learn to love all things you have discovered and learn to love the creative wildness which is you.

After I wrote that I sat back felt some satisfaction that moved me and said ‘fuck yeah!’ In my mind and chose to publish this post… πŸ™‚


‘Resting in the Loving Void’
Acrylics on canvas
Copyright Astara Lak’ech


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