Distracted by abstract! Man oh man pull me away from the easel I think I’ve found something that completely sings to me!

This is something that has just been introduced to me in the last three weeks and oh my… I think everyone needs to do abstract art because it isn’t something that you can think about too much it’s something that you have to feel, it’s something that can’t be formed so there’s a strong element of surrender and trust and allowing your soul to take over without your head getting in the way wanting to form it into something, give it a title, a label but no you can’t! That’s the shit hot thing about it. I want more. 

We can learn so much about life through abstract painting: let go, trust, surrender, don’t depend on an outcome of it looking like anything in particular just express yourself, put it out there and see what happens. 

Yeah totally taken away with abstract…loooovveee abstraction… 🙂 

Copyright Astara Lak’ech ❤️


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