Indulging Creative Chaos

I’ve read a few articles with artists sharing ‘if you want to become really good at your craft pick one medium and give it your all.’ 

Yes I can see how that can be but I have to disagree. I’m a bit of Mad Hatter when it comes to art I love more then one medium because for me it expresses different aspects of myself and it brings out different feelings. Some mediums support me to heal my emotional wounding, others give me a sense of peace, some I can channel spirit so very clearly. 

There are times when I felt so bored with just one medium and this is coming from someone who has dedicated years of crafting her drawing skills. I felt so frustrated because I was only skilled in one medium that I gave up art for a short time. Now that I’m learning to paint I feel so inspired to go back to drawing which I know I will with renewed focus.

There are also times as artists we hit blocks of emotion where we just feel we can’t express them. I’ve had many of those and some are more intense than others and at those times when I feel unmotivated to paint or draw and even write I pick up my camera head to nature and surrender to the peaceful focus of my camara. This keeps me flowing creatively my camera also allows me to relax and surrender whatever I’m feeling and coming home after a photography trip I’m inspired to pick up where I left off whether it’s clay, painting, drawing or writing. 

In my own experience different mediums require different focuses, concentration and pushing the creative, emotional and spiritual boundary of what is familiar. I get super bored easily and have a lot of energy and one medium isn’t enough for me. I truly believe having your fingers in more than one pie in this instance helps you perfect your skill in the medium you would like to specialise in. I encourage any artist to push the boundary of what they know. 

copyright Astara Lak’ech

2 thoughts on “Indulging Creative Chaos

  1. You explain it quite clear. I feel the same way! Unfortunately I tried to block my creativity for years and now it seems that it has to come out in every way possible. I paint, I draw, I make jewellery, decorations for my home, whatever I feel like creating that day. It has also helped me enormously to heal my emotional wounds.
    So I don’t believe either that you definitely have to choose just one medium and try to excell in that inlees you feel called to do so. I tried to limit myself far too long already, now I just wanna go with the flow and create everything that I van think of!
    Thanks for sharing your story! That helps a lot.

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