Just Do It

You know I’ve been procrastinating writing this post for sometime now. I have all these ideas of what I would like to write I begin writing and scrap it thinking ‘nah not that’ and I think it’s been about 8 weeks since the last post 😳 because really I’ve just been caught in my head with it all which is unusual because when I paint, draw, take photos or throw around some clay if I get caught in my head I acknowledge it with my presence and let it go.
So why is writing any different??! It’s not. Whatever wants to come through I have to learn to empty myself and just let it flow. Let it BE woman!!

Like now I can feel the negative thoughts in my head but writing it anyway. Not listening lalalala πŸ˜„

It’s like when I started this painting and yes most of my paintings I begin look like this…

Seriously and truly they do. I have a feeling and I smear paint on the canvas with my hands. I very rarely use paint brushes. I use sponges a lot, bits of wood, old credit cards etc I like to feel the process, like to feel what I’m painting a bit like the words I write I need to feel them and I always do but yeah the negative thoughts come through like now they are still there let me tell you but still not listening I will keep writing and get back into the flow of writing on my blog..yes please! 

Just do it. Take that first step. Who gives a shit how turns out that first step is important. It shifts procrastination and the energy and lets new light in. Let it be, let it be as the song goes till you end up with something like this and yes from the beginning to the end of the painting. Finished piece..


‘Unapologetic’ by Astara Lak’ech

Like this post this painting didn’t take long and I enjoyed it because I didn’t listen to any negativity I surrendered and let it be and now I’m officially back to writing on my blog because I did let it BE! Woo hoo!  


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