Purposely Stagnating 

😳 I am. Purposely stagnating. I keep telling myself ‘you need to paint today’ and I make the time to paint and do you think I do? No of course not! 

It’s almost like at times there’s a fear to step in front of the canvas, a fear that I might be taken over by some painting demon and not stop 😄 which is what I want! Bloody hell why do us artists do this? You see I always create through my stagnation I just focus on my block and paint it through with no judgement and with no probs at all it shifts but this time I feel like I’m purposely avoiding it for no reason at all 😳

But! 😄 I also believe in building the energy too. Allowing the creative energy to build really makes a difference also so when the creating does actually begin you’re just in the zone nothing at all can take you away from from THAT zone.

I’m also feeling a lot of change stirring. Anyone else feeling it? I can just feel change is in the air and I can feel the energy building  and I do tend to stagnate when I feel it. 

Why? I reflect more, I’m tuning into what I’m feeling and the restlessness of change always brings my focus within. I like to feel what’s stirring not work it out it’s like tuning into the frequency and feel where it’s taking you..

Ok so I think I just worked out why I’m purposely stagnating 😄 God bless writing! You know I also can paint right now and do you think I will? 

Nah of course not! 



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