Artists Rituals

All you artists, writers, poets, musicians… the question I would like to ask is, do you have a ritual before you begin creating? You know to get you in the zone to create do you have a ritual to shift you into that space and if so what is it?
It came to me today on my walk about what I need to do to get in the zone because I’m not quite feeling the pull to paint but I want to and it got me thinking that I need to put those things in place to create sacred space.

What’s my ritual? It actually starts in the beginning of the day where I may prep a canvas or begin clearing the area a little (I have a set space to paint) and purposely not clog my day up with distraction to make space to relax. I usually always create at night. I love the darkness and the silence where you can almost hear your inner voice so loud and it tells you what colour to use and where the next brush stroke should be. 

Incense. Incense is a must and possibly wine…maybe…not always..depends on my mood…and really just having everything on hand and everything I need within that space. 

Oh and music got to have music..

You all know I’m writing this really to get my arse into gear and and just do it already because procrastination is an artists best friend. 

BUT procrastination is not always a bad thing allowing the creative energy to build I feel is essential to BUT πŸ˜„ I really am procrastinating because I’m searching for more words to write and I can’t think of any 😳 … 

Ok ok I’m off to get the wine first…



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