Spiritual Fluff

Yes spiritual fluff or to be blunt spiritual crap. No I’m not knocking spirituality at all but the so called ones who believe they are aware and do nothing but create more illusion and more uncertainty. I’m over it.

Pissed off doesn’t even cut it. Even being in art groups that promote the Sacred Feminine expression is all fake. The language they use drives me insane it comes across fake and the focus is not on the planet which is the ultimate Sacred Feminine force we learn from in the physical realm its purely centred around self and that again is promoting more selfishness because man we need to expand beyond ourselves and see we are sharing this planet with not just people.

I would think if you are truly connected to the Sacred Feminine wouldnt you have a relationship with the planet? Where you ground everything you do to the planet you’re living on considering all living beings finding your place in the web of life.
If you truly are connected to the Sacred Feminine wouldn’t you rethink wearing animal skins and fur, rethink the food you eat, what products you use, put more awareness and love towards the planet? The ultimate Sacred Feminine force that you say you believe in?

Nup. Havent seen any of the above…yet.
Ungrounded spirituality is destructive end of story.
We are living in a time where listening and being our authenticity is no longer a choice. My angst comes from people feeding the fear, promoting what isn’t true grounded spirituality. Embracing our humanity means considering ALL living beings its not just about ourselves thats selfishness and insecurity right there and we have enough of it thanks.

Ok thats my expression for today. Sorry its not all sparkly and happy because it needs to be said. I’m just so over the lack of humanity nowadays.
It’s time to get real peeps its not all about us.

The Mother Protectress – The Empress. Copyright Astara Lak’ech


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