I’m currently in a place of nothingness. That place where you receive so many ideas of where you can potentially direct your path to but usually don’t. It’s a place full of ideas, excitement of the new and the unknown and a little fearful of not knowing where the fuck you’re going to put it bluntly. It’s also a period of rest, of deep listening to not only the three thousand magical ideas you can manifest like a boss but really listening to the fears that surface in this space.

No need to go deep and explore the fear but to listen to it, acknowledge it and let it pass and feel ultimately what is my core passion and just receiving with clarity that next detail of where to from here. It’s a feeling of not wanting to sit still and distracting yourself for hours on the net of finding what that next detail could be πŸ˜€ which usually is a waste of time trust me πŸ˜€ though really it’s just stopping to just feel and be present with all the feelings that are wanting attention and that’s it. 

Being present. Don’t need to do anything but give your entire being presence.

Feel it all, be in your body, be fucken uncomfortable it’s ok it’ll pass and before you know that next detail arrives and the familiar feeling of ‘I already knew that’ returns.. πŸ™‚

copyright Astara Lak’ech

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