The Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

I have a lot of awesome ideas come to me at unusual times and this is one of them and it’s also the reason why this is my second blog in one day 😱 which I’ve never done before πŸ˜€ 

This idea goes hand in hand with something I’m creating at present and it will be revealed in the near future but I want to give the readers a chance to see inside the inner world of a highly sensitive person and at the same time get back into my photography which I’ve been missing sooo much.

For the next 10 days I will be sharing the depths of my inner world along with using photography in monochrome setting (black and white) to express what’s happening inside me.

I am a highly sensitive person. I am a natural born medium and I’ve had the blessing and pleasure to have helped and supported thousands of people around the world… all means it’s not an easy path…… really isn’t. 

Being this sensitive in the world we live in today has such challenges and it’s looked down upon like there’s something wrong with you but let me share…. the highly sensitive ones are usually the ones that carry so much compassion, empathy, genuine care and have a deep want/need to change the world into a better place. This 10 day expression has a personal stance to it as it’s coming up to one year since a young amazing person took his own life because he found it challenging to live in a disconnected world. 

…..and I know so many of us out there do….so on the 26th of July which is this Sunday I will begin the sharing of The Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person. 

For Sam xxx



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