The Whole World Should Paint

So much movement internally and externally I’m craving for listen to myself to catch up with what’s happening in my inner and outer world so much manifestation happening just want to lock myself away in a cave and paint my way through it just to listen…

Work in Progress while I listen.. Copyright Astara Lak’ech

I finally got to the easel and while I painted I became the observer of how I was feeling and what thoughts were running through my mind and just watched and listened…with no judgement and a complete surrender to what beautiful mess was stirring inside. That stirring, those feelings prompted which colours I should use to best express the feelings I felt in that moment no matter if they were positive or negative something beautiful was happening. To channel and express all of what you feel in a safe and positive place this is where spiritual and emotional growth happens. To be the observer of your own creative life force, to listen and give yourself that presence is a precious gift. 

How many of us actually gift ourselves our own presence? I believe presence is without judgement if that’s the case everyone should be an artist and the whole world should paint together… XXXX 



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