Day 1: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

Didn’t sleep well last night I woke up feeling a lot of emotion from something that’s been needing my attention for quite a while. It’s not uncommon to wake up feeling overwhelmed and at times anxious from feeling too much at one time but I give it the presence it needs and I lie in bed reflecting and observing these feelings till it passes..till I fall asleep again.

I read something online while I sipped on my smoothie this morning about animal welfare. This one article has set up how I feel for the morning possibly for the day.
I can’t help but feel consumed with the pain of what’s happening to our animals, to what’s happening with our planet. It’s a grief I feel often and it’s a pain that consumes me at times that I have trouble sleeping concerned for what we’ve done and the repercussions that is happening to us as people and what’s to come for our future.
I feel an unsettled overwhelming feeling and it’s this time I go outside with my camera.



Once upon time I would’ve been an emotional mess for days but I’ve learnt to channel how I feel using creativity and speaking how I feel and my truth as much as possible otherwise I become depressed and full of rage.
Everything is sacred on this planet. Looking into the loving eyes of my precious dog and honour her loving presence and I fall into sadness thinking about all the other animals that aren’t safe.
I wish people can see all animals are sacred, how all life is precious. That we are the care takers of this Earth and we aren’t living up to our responsibility.
I know this sadness will sit with me for the rest of the day.
Once I would fear my emotions now I honour them and see this is what being human is about but it took me a long time to manage everything I feel, to learn to channel it. They are also a gift my feelings. I use how I feel to create the life I want to live, how I would like the world to be and just do my part…and that part changes often but the intention is always genuine care and full of love for everyone.. That thought expands my heart and I shed tears over it often and it reminds me of the so many people that have told me ‘I’m too sensitive, too giving, you care too much, just get over it, what’s wrong with you’…


Nothing’s wrong with me my heart is big friend and once upon a time I did think something was wrong with me but now I don’t because my heart will play her part to uplift this world wherever she can. I will shed many tears along the way but that’s what it’s like when your heart is full and open.
My question to you friend is what pain holds you back from not opening your heart and appreciating the uniqueness and sensitivity in another? What happened to you to close your heart?
Tell me my heart yearns to connect with yours…




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