Day 2: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

Today I’m inspired. I’m feeling inspired to create and put something out in the world while I sit in the sun and sip on my smoothie.
The sweet call of the birds to my right urges on what I feel and the sun is screaming yes go forward and conquer! πŸ˜€ Love these days…even though I can feel a little heaviness wanting my attention I sit with this instead and will merge both feelings soon when I create.
Today I can feel I’m being called to go deeper. My inspiration to create calls me to the Earth I can feel the wisdom of a higher consciousness calling me in to listen. I will but right now I just want to sit here in the sun and listen to the birds.
How often do we make time to listen to nature? How often do we take the time to listen to people? I mean really listen.
When I listen to nature there’s no judgement I’m awed by the feeling I feel when I listen. The purity gives me joy a feeling I can completely be myself, a complete surrender something I don’t feel when I’m with people because I feel too much.
I feel the energy of who they are and most people suppress how they feel and most people are guarded, I understand that.


It’s also the empathy and compassion I feel if they’re hurting. I want to help where I can but I learnt many times to have boundaries and most people want to take and take especially these days.
Just writing those words the peace switches to an anxious feeling of where we are heading to as people. This anxiety I know is to be true. I know my inner world well.
Yes…it is something I feel often because I don’t feel humanity is going to have too much longer the way we are going.
Yes there’s good but there’s too much destruction, too much anger…people are angry.
The Earth is pushing us to evolve and we are all feeling it whether we choose to feel it or stay disconnected from how we feel.


The anger comes from not living our truth and not knowing how to navigate back to our authentic self. I see it everywhere and I see the ones that just want to stay in destruction and the ones that are caught inΒ  materialism and wanting to be like everyone else. I see the anxiety within them a need to want to be accepted but they’re not happy I can see it and have compassion for it. Their happiness depends on the external.
How many people do you know that is truly happy…


So that heaviness I spoke of has merged with the inspired feeling and I can feel myself going within a need to go deep to listen to wisdom.
I’ll take my inspiration, anxiety, happiness, sadness into the forest and come home to create something beautiful because this world needs beauty, we all need the purity of true beauty in our lives.


We need more true beauty…

My Milla
My Milla



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