Day 3: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

Well fuck this blog wasn’t going to happen this morning so I waited till this evening as I knew what I was feeling would pass. The growing feeling of concern for our planet and every living being on it was really felt this morning triggered by a beautiful short video about someone supporting another unconditionally because lets face it thats becoming less known. We look around and all we see is selfishness, greed, violence and destruction to say we’re not in trouble would be an understatement.

I let the tears fall and I sat with how I felt, stayed present with it and worked reminding myself of how I was feeling every now and then. I think this is where most of us get caught and this took a little while to master to not fall into the belief of what I was feeling but to feel it, acknowledge it and look for ways to empower and express what I was feeling and yes go deep to receive the wisdom behind why I was feeling the way I did. I found the heavier it is the feelings are just looking to be acknowledged, heard and expressed. Like a hurt child needing to be understood and heard and really that’s what it is. The wounded child wanting to be seen and heard.


The heaviness began to lift when I began to paint as it usually does but I began to paint Mother Gaia and since then I’ve been feeling so inspired to create new projects dedicated to Her as a beautiful friend said this morning we feel this passion and pain for the planet to inspire and fuel our purpose and yes I’ve always felt that too. It’s just never nice to feel and the ones that are aware know what I’m talking about. Humanity is spiralling out of control we see the devastation that we’re creating every day but I refuse to give up, to give up hope I’ll keep fighting and keep creating and use what I feel to fuel my fire that’s creative activism at its fucken best.

That’s not to say I don’t feel the grief, the sadness and the three thousand other feelings but we are here for a reason, to stand up and use our voice for the voiceless and inspire others to do the same. Find the light in the darkness and let the darkness fuel the light and let it burn bright.

As a side note, I realise how much I actually think about our Earth Mother and I know this is a truth when I say we are at a time where we do need to change theres no doubt about that listening and being our authentic self is no longer a choice.



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