Day 4: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

If you’re wanting some love and light post move the fuck along it’s not gonna happen here today. It’s been a good day, a reflective day a good day with work also but there’s been a couple of triggers for me today so right now in this moment while I type this I feel like shit to put it bluntly so if you’re having a crap day or you just can’t deal with real please feel free to move along no offence taken.

Woke up inspired yep love it! Create create write down as many ideas before beginning work. Great flow and great energy to the day till someone that I don’t know caught my eye in the local shops. I don’t know why but I was intrigued and she triggered memories for me not nice ones but the trigger wasn’t strong I was present with it and know why but I think at this time soo much is being pushed to the surface for so many of us so I gave my permission to sink in and feel.

She looked like everyone else the way she dressed and she is what society would consider a woman to be acceptable in beauty standards. Thin, tall, blonde and I watched her browse through the make up section which I quietly noted is tested on animals. Not her fault and nor am I blaming a sister I note this stuff not to criticise but to note how many people are uneducated with what is put in all products and whats tested on animals… if anything I had compassion for her.

Even though the picture was pretty and she would ‘fit’ with society’s acceptability for how a woman should look like (rolls eyes not her at oppression) again not her fault she felt uncertain, unsure and insecure about herself. This intrigued me and I felt compassion for her and as she spoke to the shop attendant she bravely smiled and was courteous to the people she spoke to. As she walked out there was a glimmer of sadness in her energy and it made me think of the wild women within.

Sisters, what the fuck happened to us? Why are we allowing such superficiality mold our fucken greatness and oppress our fire, passion and purity? What the fuck are we afraid of? Are we afraid of not being accepted by narrow minded fearful arseholes?? Fuck em! Fuck em all!

As I watched this woman it made me think of her greatness, of her purity, passion, fierceness and man her potential that the world seems to fear SO fucken much! Why do you think theres so much pressure of how a woman should be, act and look like because real power is confronting and it scares those that aren’t in theirs. Why? because then they aren’t in control! The world doesn’t like a woman in her power, owning her untamed She and not giving a fuck about the small minds. She sees past all of of that and just does not give a shit.

ARRRGGHHH!!! Trigger number one is the current state of this world and the vice is tightening. This isn’t just directed to my sisters but my brothers too. We are being shaped and pulled by our fucken fear by arseholes who don’t give a shit about who we authentically are and they DON’T give a shit about our Earth either. We should/need to support one another to step into our greatness.

We need to rip the blinders off people!! Arrgghh fuck!!! …. well there you go… but yeah there’s more….

I just read that 8 men have been charged with sexual abuse against a 13 year old girl one of them is her father so right now I’m angry, fucked off and just feel so much sadness. This is a very personal trigger for me so I’m ending work early and putting myself under the covers and cry my heart out and tomorrow I will use this fire to create.


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