Day 5: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

Today I chose to slow everything down and just breathe and listen to myself to say yesterday was emotional is an understatement but I want to begin by saying this: one comment was made where this person felt they needed to ‘redirect’ what I expressed and I just want to say this, fuck off. Seriously this space is for me to share my inner world it is my OWN expression of how I feel in the moment. I’m not asking for opinions, to be fixed or ‘redirected’ to something thats more comfortable for anyone. Let me share with you why I chose to do this 10 day expression… it’s an act of self love because I want to empower the child within me to have a voice and feel she doesn’t have to hide how she feels everyday that it’s ok to be vulnerable and real in a world that is doing everything to destroy what’s real and true.

The child within me is feeling raw, vulnerable and still fearful to put herself out there like this. She hasn’t had it easy and I’m aware of what needs to be strengthened within me and this is just one thing that needs attention, expression and love. The mother in me is a fierce protector so anyones opinions can fuck right off because I’m here to be present for myself not to be fixed or to please anyone. No ones opinions belong in my inner or outer world period.


I love my humanity as messy and as imperfect as it is. It’s beautiful to be human. You don’t need to understand me that jobs for me and me only.


This space is like a blank canvas for me which I have never done online before. I’m not finding this easy but I wanted to empower, heal and stretch beyond where I am in my journey.

It’s day five and I’ve made some interesting observations about myself which I will share towards the end of the 10 days and what I’ve also noticed people crave real. They want raw open hearted emotion and theres not too many people out there that are brave enough to do it and let me say after 5 days of sharing it’s a challenge but it’s also damn freeing. It’s given me so much to reflect on which I will share in the near future.

It’s empowering to allow another to express how they feel. (as long as they’re not hurting any being) Let them empty themselves, let them be as they are because most of the time it just needs to be expressed because energy does need to be released. It can’t stay stagnant or the emotion builds into anger and grief. We all need an outlet to release what we feel every day just to empty ourselves…. so we can BE.

My writing companion, my Pursia :)
My writing companion, my Pursia πŸ™‚



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