Day 7: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

I’m so tired today but hoping to chuck out some positive vibes and share what I’ve been reflecting on in hope that it may get your cog wheels turning too. I woke up from a dream early this morning and had trouble falling back asleep and my thoughts turned to this ten day expression and what its like to be a highly sensitive person in a world that is becoming increasingly desensitised overcome by anger, destruction and violence. You know its tiring at times to exist in a world so fucking superficial so devoid of genuine human compassion. Most people nowadays are so focused on their own little world they refuse to expand their way of thinking, being and doing to help another fellow earthling. Look I’m not attacking anyone I know we become self consumed for many reasons but whats scary is we’re all slowly shutting down or hiding our ability to be human you know to even just talk about random stuff like this without feeling we need to hide how we feel incase we may be judged and hell lets face it we’re going to be regardless not everyone is going to agree with what you do but is it really worth hiding that awesomeness? Is it?  I have to be honest I still fear coming to the computer to write this blog and really putting out there how I genuinely feel but at the same time I look forward to it as well theres something deeply healing about spilling your guts without censoring it.


I understand especially being highly sensitive why we hide, shut down and not share I’m guilty of that hence why I wanted to challenge myself a little further and possibly inspire more of us to come out and share. Strangely enough the last two days I’ve been counting the days till this expression ends there’s only three more days left and you know I don’t want it to end because I’ve gained so much sharing my inner world, this raw vulnerability is really nice to feel. I don’t want to ‘shut down’ I think we need more raw honesty and humanity in the world and fuck almighty I think I may have to rise to my own cause. I will shit myself doing it but there’s a freedom in this too. So I may continue this but not on this platform I don’t want to spam the inboxes of so many awesome people who have chosen to follow my blog because this may be a daily thing if so and I’m not sure which way this will be going I may create another blog so if anyone wants to follow they know what they’re signing up for. If I do choose to go ahead I will share the link of the new blog here.


My thoughts are if we choose to hide and shut down then the beauty of our humanity isn’t seen and right now the way our world is ‘evolving’ we need to be seen. We need to show that being human isn’t all destructive and chaotic its also compassionate, loving, empathetic, caring, understanding and most of course raw and real.


What I’ve gained so far from this expression:

1. Observing my inner world and seeing how much I love this planet drives me to be a better person.

2. It’s opening me to a new level which I fucken love.

3. I swear a lot. No apologies here I fucken love it.

4. People love raw honesty and relate to real raw emotions we feel on a daily basis. Its a connection to not only my humanity but I think their’s too, that it’s ok to feel and be messy.

5. It’s a release. It really is. This is a new freedom I’ve never felt before.

6. That as scary as it is to be vulnerable I really love it.

7. The connections I’ve made through this last 7 days. The support and understanding has been awesome. Connection I feel is the key word. We all crave for connection and understanding.

I know there’s more but my tiredness is kicking in so I’ll sign off for now and pick up where I left off tomorrow on day 8.

Have a beautiful weekend whatever you choose to do….. and for those that want to know my fur baby is feeling better she’s not out of the woods yet but there’s been a huge improvement.


Big love.


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