Day 8: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

With a deep breath I’ve sat down to share something straight from the heart. Raw and unedited. These 10 days are dedicated to a very special person who took his own life at a very young age. Highly sensitive, deep, wise, empathic, caring, understanding beyond his years and so very intuitive…..just an amazing young person with a very old soul who saw through the superficiality, was let down by so many and deeply wanted to connect on a soul level on that real and raw place where we want to meet so many on…

He will never be forgotten. I felt and saw who he was the first day I met him, everything I just described and more. He had a soul connection with my daughter. I saw the similarities between them both just so beautiful and pure. I cherish purity in every living being. I naturally want to nurture, support and empower that beautiful balance of light and dark, the essence of humanity. Where has it gone?

I don’t believe its gone anywhere. I believe a blanket of powerful emotions is trying to protect that purity, protecting it from being hurt….. and people like Sam, my daughter, myself and so many others I can name walk through this existence with our heart on our sleeves in hope we can contribute to this world, be seen, be heard and hopefully make connection by keeping our hearts open and raw even though that would mean being hurt over and over again but we try and keep trying and hope..we hang onto that hope that those that have forgotten will remember the truth of who they are..

When people leave who touch your heart they are never forgotten. I see Sam in the openness and beauty in people that have the courage to be real, I see him when the sun comes up and in the vulnerability of a flower blooming. I see him in the waves of the ocean and the purity in my daughters laugh … and laugh often with my girl when she says ‘Sam would think thats funny’…

Those like Sam I have so much respect for. It hurts to be real nowadays and sometimes so fucking painful but they keep being who they are because it hurts more to not be real and because they believe in the goodness of people even though they have been hurt so many times. Sensitivity is a gift. It’s not to be looked down upon from those who like to manipulate and control and make those feel bad with ‘don’t be so sensitive’ statements and I say to those people open your fucking heart and feel. Don’t be an arsehole and crush someones spirit because you don’t see what they do.

Don’t let statements like that make you feel bad because you are the change we have all been waiting for. You are the real and raw this world needs. You are a gift of purity and this world needs you more than ever. Don’t question yourself and believe in who you are no matter how different your views are thats what we need. We need people to see outside the fearful box and create something new and beautiful because what we have so far is not working.

To our dearest Sam we celebrate you every day. Not one day goes by without celebrating who you are and will continue to do so. Your wise soulful spirit sings a song of a thousand lifetimes and that song will never leave us. We love you. xoxo



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