Last Day of the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

Who knew that on the last day I would feel emotional.Emotional because it’s been healing, empowering and scary but also deeply freeing. It’s given me insight and clarity to pick up my practice to work with people again but not like I did in the past it’ll be different. The greatest gift it’s given me is to open and be vulnerable again. It’s changed the way I communicate with others to not be afraid to share more than I have in the past. Who knew 10 days would make such a beautiful shift. I’m so grateful.

Grateful to those who took the time to read my posts. Over 2000 hits in ten days. To those who took the time to read my posts thank you. It wasn’t easy I have to say but I will be bringing this forward some how in some way and challenge myself that little more to remain open and keep sharing. I feel emotional and can’t find the words to describe what I’m feeling but it’s good feelings of a heart thats opened a little wider.

To every highly sensitive soul, I know it’s challenging to open in a world that is so harsh but the Earth needs you. Your visionary skills, uniqueness, sensitivity, empathy and compassion, understanding, creativity and wisdom is what the world needs more of. We need to support each other and bring beauty into the world again. The Earth needs you, I need you and the millions of others that need that little bit of encouragement and empowerment to be their shining self.

Just like Sam the world needs your gentleness and light.

Can I end this by asking each one of you to take the time to send some loving thoughts to my beautiful friend Jen who lost her baby boy almost a year ago, our dearest Sam who’s courage and gentleness will always live on.

We love you Sam xxxx


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