Earth Walk

I have to say so much change was created by my 10 day blog post. The sharing opened so much and in no way did I expect this much healing from 10 days of raw ramblings. It was such an eye opener to realise how much a highly sensitive person holds back their expression from past fears and experiences of being open and vulnerable. 

It’s pushed me to a new level of connection both with myself and with others. It also made me realise how so many people are shutting down and hiding who they are from the  aggression and hostility our world is currently in. 

And it’s these people that have so much compassion and understanding with amazing ideas to create more creative healing and connection yet they doubt themselves out of fear of not being understood or being attacked by rocking the boat and fuck the boat needs to be rocked our world is spiralling the fuck out of control. 

We need empowered compassionate people to create beautiful change because without it honestly and bluntly we’re fucked. I don’t know about anyone else but the state our world is in scares the shit out of me. 

Out of these 10 days I finally found my inspiration and passionate love to pick up my practice with working with people again after having some significant time off. Unless you know me really well you will know what a huge healing and breakthrough that is because I’ve been waiting patiently the last two years to feel that fire again while I’ve been blissfully creating in my art bubble. I feel like I’ve reconnected with a big part of myself and who knew all this would come from sharing with strangers for 10 days! 

So here’s the link to my new Facebook page, my new work with my heart and soul. Hope to see you there. Xxx 

Earth Walk: the Gift of High Sensitivity:

‘Peaceful Pondering’ by Astara Lak’ech

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