The World Needs More Art

What I do for my work is an expression of my soul and as rewarding and beautiful as it is it comes with deep inner reflection, healing with a need to be self aware. I just want to quickly clarify that I believe we all should move towards self awareness on a daily basis whether our work calls for it or not.

I’m a natural born medium, I’m also a counsellor and art therapist my soul focus at present is art. I’ve always wanted to be completely focused on art since I was 5, yes 5 I wanted to immerse myself in my own creative world. Anyway, I still read for clients and love it but I haven’t been taking on any counselling clients though I still do work as an art therapist but not as much as I have in the past. I reached a point in my journey that I desperately needed to give back to myself after being in service for others since I was 16. I began reading for people when I was 16 and have been ever since. I’m currently studying business and life coaching which I absolutely love. 

Anyway! I’m not here to share my current job occupation but to share with you the difference in inner self reflective work that my occupation brings. If you work with people and genuine about helping others you MUST I believe work on yourself also. I can go into that more in depth but I won’t right now because my point to this post and sorry it’s taken a while to get there is the arts has always been looked down upon by society as not a ‘real’ occupation and I have to say I beg to differ well flat out disagree. 

Being a medium, art therapist and counsellor has taken me on a very deep inner healing journey very deep but I have to say nothing like absolutely nothing like I have experienced as being an artist. That’s not to discount the inner work any art therapist or counsellor experiences this is my own personal findings, for me I have to say being an artist confronts every part of you that has somehow been pushed down or not even discovered yet.

Anyone that personally knows me knows how deep I go nothing is superficially accepted to me I want to know about life and who the fuck I am. So in saying that art and writing has a way of bringing out every hidden part of yourself to be seen and heard. There is something in being an artist and selling your work it brings up every deep self worth and belief issue you own and didn’t know you owned. 

Fuck almighty I’ve had my fair share of realisations and moments sobbing on the kitchen floor with a bottle of wine but nothing like the journey art has taken me on nothing! 

My moments on the kitchen floor can take up to three weeks now over asking myself, ‘Am I ready to sell my paintings?’ I just want to let you know I’m not out of that moment yet I think I could easily bump up to a bottle of rum along with really bad self talk like, ‘I only deserve to sleep on the kitchen floor because look at how pathetic you’re being’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yes I’m taking the piss but you get my drift. You feel it all. Nothing escapes you being an artist and a writer, nothing at all.

Art helps you to live and discover yourself and life with greater meaning and awareness how anyone can think it’s not a ‘real’ occupation hasn’t experienced it with their soul and though I probaly will sleep on the kitchen floor with my rum bottle tonight (yes I’m kidding) I wouldn’t swap it for the world. 

The world needs more art pure and simple and really that was the point to my whole post πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

Now that I’ve said all of that go visit my art website you awesome peopleπŸ˜„ 



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