Focus, focus, focus 

First post of 2016 (woo hoo!) and I have to say I don’t get excited anymore when each year rolls around. I think over the last few years my approach to each year becomes more and more grounded because as most or some of us know the intensity to each year isn’t going to lessen. I’m talking about humanity as a collective and our global consciousness but I believe the more we choose to own our power, heal and become aware of our wounds we anchor ourselves to our bodies and the Earth a lot more…and yes make a difference towards our evolution. 

My ramble and reflection this evening is my direction towards my own personal visions and what approach am I going to take to achieve what I want to create. 

Fuck I didn’t think this post was going to be this serious 😜 but I wanted to chat about the structures we choose to achieve our visions, goals whatever you want to call them. 

I do believe as a creative we need structure to our work otherwise we wouldn’t get anything done or we would probably stay in a chaotic mess (puts hand up because I know I bloody would!) …but what I want to know is how many of us have a structure strong enough to get things done but loose enough for our intuition and creative energy to flow? 

Well, though I feel as a creative we may need a structure I don’t have one. I may write things down so I don’t forget to complete them but I tune into my intuition for the day and go with that. I thought long and hard of creating some kind of structure this year but nup it’s not for me. What I have done is simplify my life again and cut back on things I feel that has been taking away my time to create and added three things to my creative practice and things that can boost my business. 

Sooo really it’s focus. Getting refocused for this year. Shit 😄 it took me a blog post to realise that. Not as easy as some may think because it’s easy to fall into old patterns too but that’s another blog post and I think my next one. If you stayed with me to the end you’re a legend and hopefully gained something from my rambling. 

As you can tell by this blog post I need to sit myself down and really focus on being focused 😳 till next time.. Xxx



2 thoughts on “Focus, focus, focus 

  1. I’m with you on the flow with intuition part Astara and I also struggle with the fear that I’m not making the most of my time and with what I am best served in giving my energy to. So many conflicting bright shiny things 🙂 Thanks for the post x

    1. Ahh thanks for your comment Tric. I actually don’t fear or struggle with making the most of my time. I renewed focus to start the year is what I’m feeling I need and yep it took me to write about it to get that 😄 My direction has changed again so reframing is a must. We like to be the efficient Virgos don’t we 😄 Xx

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