Fuck the Pressure Off

I made a decision today. We all feel the pressure of beginning new projects and to achieve, achieve, achieve in the new year. Well I’m not. I’ve had enough of the pressure and expectation which isn’t mine and it’s really easy to think it is yours until you start feeling the pressure. For me if I feel pressure I know I’m going the wrong way. It has never worked and will never work.

What I actually feel is the opposite. My plan is to continue on with my purpose which is making art (my Facebook page here –> Gaia Arts by Astara) and my work with women (Facebook page here –> Sacred Woman Awake) I will not be putting any pressure on myself to achieve anything with my purpose I’m just going to let that good shit flow as it should be and deepen my trust and relationship with myself and spirit. I’m going to clear out my home of everything I don’t use and donate it to charity tomorrow.

I am not a materialistic person and nor do I care to be. I actually feel the more stuff I have the more it restricts my freedom. I can feel the attachment to stuff and  I hate it. I get that we live in a material world but how much shit do we actually NEED?

I want to write more this year and grow my own food and finally get around to growing my own herb garden which I’ve been wanting to do since I’ve moved to this town 3 years ago. I want to take up yoga again and just BE. Just stop trying and let it be.

I’ve been rebuilding a new life in the last three years. I’ve established a new business selling my art and now my new creation Sacred Woman Awake this year. I have gone shit deep with my healing and just getting to know myself all over again in a new way. That will always continue and I feel to ask the question I asked myself three years ago again, ‘who am I?’

Who am I? … do you know who you are? Those three small words opens the most amazing inner journey that is unpredictable, exciting, scary as fuck and brings so much joy and eventually peace.

So I’m going to end this with these magic words that you can ask yourself..

‘Who Am I?’





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