The Loners 

Nothing’s better than hanging out with your own kind. You know the deep, the weird, the creative..the loners.

Yes loners. We don’t have a need to hang out much 😄 we’re too busy creating and content with the peace of our own inner world even if our inner world is taking us on an emotional roller coaster ride we are content to feel it through. It’s those juicy places where the best and most feeling creations are born. We don’t want the meat we want the bone. Stripped bare with nothing to hide.

We don’t hide behind people or labels or anything for that matter we are the raw, the creative and the introverted. Deeply connected to our inner world not needing to hide or distract from our true reality hidden deep inside of us. 

I was with two friends yesterday both introverts and we don’t catch up often, as the saying goes introverts unite…in their own homes and that’s pretty much the truth. Both of them artists and writers, both feelers, both loners our artistic inspiration comes from what we feel from what we experience. Whether happiness or pain we will give the world a unique perspective from any emotion we feel. We will take you on a ride to the core of that emotion because that’s who we are. 

There are many worlds in one feeling, truly. So imagine a woven ball of many feelings that will be a scene from or novel or the base colours of a painting and that is how we express and nurture our spirit. 

It can be challenging  too but that is how we express and embrace our humanity. We feel the beauty and the pain of life, of being human to such depth that only a painting or a piece of writing can describe for us. 

Don’t try and work us out because you can’t. We are a work in progress and we like it like that. 

Here’s to the weird ones, the creatives, the sensitives, my fellow introverts 😄 love ya all xxx




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