Trusting the Wheel of Change 

Letting go and trusting…easy said then done some of the time well for me anyway. I was ready to go into this year with everything I have then Mercury retrograde happened and turned everything upside down in a good way. Man o man anyone else experiencing this? It’s made me question my whole direction, what needs to change and what I need to let go and am I going to continue on the same path that I planned to…nup. 

My fire has changed and grown stretching towards other amazing things, I didn’t plan for it but I’m going for it anyway. 

Each year I actively work towards decreasing stress levels and reassess everything to see if I’m feeling as passionate about what I love as I did a year or a month ago or if there is some things I need to change to really be in alignment with that fire within. 

I can’t say I’m super clear with where I’m going but I do know this; any stress has to go. I will and am living simpler than each year gone by. I don’t have a materialistic bone in my body and each year I see that I need less and want to live more sustainably. The strive for wants and material goals have fucked off completely I just want to do my thing or things and live peacefully. Peace and simplicity. 

Also minimising my time on social media I’d rather use the time to create, work or grow my own food. We have become way too addicted to the screen and not enough time connecting with one another face to face. It’s not normal the amount of time we waste staring and socialising through a screen, isn’t it just mental?? 

So I thought I’d share where I am and if anyone else is feeling similarly? Change, change and more change…but always good change… Xxx



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