Loosening the Fuck Up – Expansion

As artists we can get caught with creating the same kind of style over and over again. I connect that with how we view life. And though many artists are open minded, I still see how we can get caught with how we think which is connected to how we feel. Art is an expression of our inner worlds after all. How can we expand the way we think if we are blocked emotionally? Because in hindsight we cannot truly expand the mind if there is no expansion of heart and any type of art whether you’re a writer, poet, photographer, musician whatever, cannot expand our comfort zone if we’re connected with only one type of style of work.

We can get comfortable with one style of work which comes naturally, and I do believe once we feel dissatisfied with this same expression over and over again that it’s time to expand. It’s scary, because we become good at something to then step out and feel vulnerable again. It’s human nature to fear the unknown but if we also explore the unknown with curiosity it lessens the fear and we then become curious explorers and even adventurers. Life has pushed me to live life on the edges, to constantly be curious, to not get too comfortable. Loss taught me that nothing is permanent, to always go with flow and don’t hang on too hard to anything or anyone, be open to change always.

I see that with art also. Expansion and growth is necessary to strengthen our practice. To revisit art appreciation every so often, it not only makes you think about your style of work but life.

To ponder these questions: are you constantly viewing life from your comfort zone? Do you push yourself to be uncomfortable for growth sake? To live life to the fullest.

Funny, you know most people will say ‘yes I do’ but on the outside looking in their life is in constant replay. Loosen the fuck up I say. Seriously, no wonder our world is fucking anal about everything and why it’s constantly wanting to destroy anything and anyone that cannot be shoved in the little shitty conformed boxes. It’s fear of expanding the heart. Don’t live a little, live a lot.

I’m leaving you this piece by Salvador Dali to ponder on. Feel beyond pain, let go. Expansion, expansion, expansion.. xxx

The Anthropomorphic Cabinet, 1936 – Salvador Dali

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