Black & White Landscapes

Really enjoying the black & whites at the moment. Here’s a few landscapes that I thoroughly enjoyed taking and it was so suited to a reflective time when they were taken. I’m really enjoying looking at the light and shadow before taking photos. Yes I know you can take colour photos then shop them to black and white but its not the same. I personally think photos are photo-shopped too much and there seems to be a fashionable way of how to present photos but I disagree. Arts art. I’ve seen many beautiful photos but when I look at a photograph or a piece of art I like to feel the piece how a photograph looks is irrelevant if it doesn’t provoke feeling in the viewer. I believe all good photos and art provokes feeling for the viewer making the them reflect on that feeling.

So when I’ve taken all black & whites its on the setting and as an artist and a photographer I’m loving exploring the light and shade. There’s only a few here but there will be more to come.


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