Soul Transformation

You will notice my water mark and this blog will be changing to Sacred Spirit of Gaia Photography its just all part of the many changes and the many changes to come. I took these photos at Yallingup beach, Western Australia just recently reflecting on the many changes happening and the many changes to come and all wonderful… πŸ™‚


Let it All Go

How many of us fear of making the same mistakes, recreating old patterns to avoid the hurt and pain that honestly we are already carrying within and create walls to protect the pain avoiding what needs to be healed? One sentence and theres a lot to take in! Reflecting on this I thought I would offer a bit of a cleanse through these beautiful photos I took actually for this very reason, to cleanse and let go.


Energy Flow

Some of you may think I’m a little weird for posting these photos but very normal in my world. I went to the beach the other day one of my fav spots and I found myself obsessed with taking photos of water flowing. I’m not sure how many I took but it was how the flowing energy made me feel. I could feel it inside and it made me ponder on feelings I may be holding onto. Funny enough after taking these photos the day after a lot of emotion surfaced obviously more change to come and more to let go of. Love how nature speaks to us if we are open to receiving the messages.