Expression Through My Eyes

I think everyone can safely say that 2012 has been a year of profound change. Every person I know has experienced so many changes. For me personally it was one of the most transformative years I have yet to live and through those challenging times I promised myself to take at least one photo a day that expressed and reflected how I felt on that day and saw each experience as living authentically and reminded myself at least I had the courage to feel every moment where so many people choose to distract or push their feelings aside. When change presents itself I know its my authentic self telling me there is a better way of living and the old must come to an end. I feel the opening and I rise to the call.

These were some of those photos taken and the ocean I have to say is a place where I can always just be and feel a validation that no matter how overwhelmed I feel its ok.

The song I added to this page is one I love and expresses the feelings I felt through this journey.


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