I’m exploring different styles at present but one that I adore is abstract art. 

What I love about abstract art is space. Space is what I’m exploring in my art at the moment and what that can offer to the viewer. 

Space offers people a place to feel. To get lost for a moment in their inner world. To connect. To listen to themselves. To experience the peace of who they are. 

There’s no distraction with abstraction. It silences the mind and allows the imagination to wonder and the heart to feel.  To drop into the peaceful chaos of the unknown within. To go deep even for a moment. 

So here is my latest piece, ‘Deep’ – acrylics on canvas.
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The Shadow & the Wild –> The Shadow & the Wild


Loosening up, Free Flow Painting

Nothing like a bit of quick, free and loose acrylic painting. 

I love this style to just let loose and see what comes. And I think I’m in love with acrylic washes at the moment. 😍

I’m stopping at two this evening I have a bloody bad habit of just going with it till 3am then exhausted and no flow the next day. Anyway this is what came out of tonight. 😊

Pushing Artistic Boundaries & Getting My Shit Together

First of all I need to explain that the name of this site and blog has change from Sacred Spirit of Gaia to She Moon Artistry. I just felt change and I’m sure the name will change again as I change but it is the perfect description for my artwork and for the work to come. And many thanks for all the visits while I was away. Who knew that anyone would be interested to read what I write. I started this blog to reconnect with my creativity, I use it to work out my thoughts and feelings with my relationship to art I honestly believed no one else would be interested in what I write so thanks πŸ™‚

So finally I’m back here after being pulled away from my art from a strong feeling to write and study permaculture which I’m still doing both but the insight is clear to why this happened and very thankful for the path behind and ahead.

I think my last post here was in April and even since then so much has changed again. I now have a clearer understanding of my creative energy which desperately needed to happen. I arrived at a point where I was exhausted, overwhelmed and actually needed to step away but was too stubborn to. I love art too much and throughout the whole time of not creating art I sooked all the way through it, yep I did not ashamed to admit it. There was always a longing to create but no feeling to. That in itself was incredibly painful and somewhat traumatic! truly, I’m not trying to be dramatic because when the time came to slowly reconnect with my art world it was painful I had no idea the time away from it was going to happen the way it did.

But it needed to happen. I was overwhelmed from not having a clear understanding of what was happening inside of me.

I’m a visionary artist, I surrender to what wants to come through. I don’t plan what I create I listen to prompts from my intuition. This style of painting brings so much to the surface. Unresolved emotion, breaking open what’s ready to be seen, it creates authentic and very real and deep change. I knew this to some degree but in the depth I needed to understand for my own well being. And that’s why the strong intuitive feeling to write which I see now.

Writing has always been a big part of my spiritual practice. There are times where I would write up to 3-5 times a day but when I returned to my art I didn’t feel compelled to write as much but I should’ve, I get that now. The writing process is very similar to a painting process but the writing process gives me the clarity to understand what’s happening within, what’s actually moving. I also discovered I can write poetry, fuck who knew! I had no idea I could but it goes so nicely with my art so that was a cool little plus to find out along the way.

It has also made me think what it means to me to be an artist. Even art nowadays has lost its essence in the way of originality. I belong to a few art groups on and off line and contemporary art (nothing wrong with contemporary art I love it) but really art that pushes no boundaries seems to be the only kind of art that is ‘accepted’ these days. And I’m not the only one that sees and feels this, many other artists feel the same. It’s fucking frustrating. It also puts people off from sharing their art. I’ve seen some judgemental arseholes in groups who I have seen put artwork down that is not contemporary because that’s what they feel art is. I say get fucked. That is so far from the truth. What happened to creating art for the sake of creating art regardless of what it looks like? What happened to pushing boundaries to make people think and feel outside of their small shitty conservative box? Are we going to try and put art in a box too? Not me, fuck that I refuse to. I think it’s time to create a new group. I will share that here when that happens and it’s not too far off.

So briefly that’s me so far. There’s more changes but they’re not quite ready to share yet. This blog will be kickstarted again and so happy that it is. Oh my gosh I have missed it SO bloody much. Looking forward to sharing more and reconnecting in the very near future. For now connect with me on my Facebook page here –>Β Astara Lak’echΒ and my Instagram is @shemoonartisty πŸ™‚ xxx






The World Needs More Art

What I do for my work is an expression of my soul and as rewarding and beautiful as it is it comes with deep inner reflection, healing with a need to be self aware. I just want to quickly clarify that I believe we all should move towards self awareness on a daily basis whether our work calls for it or not.

I’m a natural born medium, I’m also a counsellor and art therapist my soul focus at present is art. I’ve always wanted to be completely focused on art since I was 5, yes 5 I wanted to immerse myself in my own creative world. Anyway, I still read for clients and love it but I haven’t been taking on any counselling clients though I still do work as an art therapist but not as much as I have in the past. I reached a point in my journey that I desperately needed to give back to myself after being in service for others since I was 16. I began reading for people when I was 16 and have been ever since. I’m currently studying business and life coaching which I absolutely love. 

Anyway! I’m not here to share my current job occupation but to share with you the difference in inner self reflective work that my occupation brings. If you work with people and genuine about helping others you MUST I believe work on yourself also. I can go into that more in depth but I won’t right now because my point to this post and sorry it’s taken a while to get there is the arts has always been looked down upon by society as not a ‘real’ occupation and I have to say I beg to differ well flat out disagree. 

Being a medium, art therapist and counsellor has taken me on a very deep inner healing journey very deep but I have to say nothing like absolutely nothing like I have experienced as being an artist. That’s not to discount the inner work any art therapist or counsellor experiences this is my own personal findings, for me I have to say being an artist confronts every part of you that has somehow been pushed down or not even discovered yet.

Anyone that personally knows me knows how deep I go nothing is superficially accepted to me I want to know about life and who the fuck I am. So in saying that art and writing has a way of bringing out every hidden part of yourself to be seen and heard. There is something in being an artist and selling your work it brings up every deep self worth and belief issue you own and didn’t know you owned. 

Fuck almighty I’ve had my fair share of realisations and moments sobbing on the kitchen floor with a bottle of wine but nothing like the journey art has taken me on nothing! 

My moments on the kitchen floor can take up to three weeks now over asking myself, ‘Am I ready to sell my paintings?’ I just want to let you know I’m not out of that moment yet I think I could easily bump up to a bottle of rum along with really bad self talk like, ‘I only deserve to sleep on the kitchen floor because look at how pathetic you’re being’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yes I’m taking the piss but you get my drift. You feel it all. Nothing escapes you being an artist and a writer, nothing at all.

Art helps you to live and discover yourself and life with greater meaning and awareness how anyone can think it’s not a ‘real’ occupation hasn’t experienced it with their soul and though I probaly will sleep on the kitchen floor with my rum bottle tonight (yes I’m kidding) I wouldn’t swap it for the world. 

The world needs more art pure and simple and really that was the point to my whole post πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

Now that I’ve said all of that go visit my art website you awesome peopleπŸ˜„ 


The Whole World Should Paint

So much movement internally and externally I’m craving for listen to myself to catch up with what’s happening in my inner and outer world so much manifestation happening just want to lock myself away in a cave and paint my way through it just to listen…

Work in Progress while I listen.. Copyright Astara Lak’ech

I finally got to the easel and while I painted I became the observer of how I was feeling and what thoughts were running through my mind and just watched and listened…with no judgement and a complete surrender to what beautiful mess was stirring inside. That stirring, those feelings prompted which colours I should use to best express the feelings I felt in that moment no matter if they were positive or negative something beautiful was happening. To channel and express all of what you feel in a safe and positive place this is where spiritual and emotional growth happens. To be the observer of your own creative life force, to listen and give yourself that presence is a precious gift. 

How many of us actually gift ourselves our own presence? I believe presence is without judgement if that’s the case everyone should be an artist and the whole world should paint together… XXXX 



Art Heals

Yesterday I took a tour through my blog which I began about half way of 2012. Every photo I took I can recall exactly where I was at that time and how I was feeling. You see I was in a powerful place of change. Everything I thought was real in my life fell away. My life was dismantled and it was fucken painful and there were times I didn’t want to get out of bed and there were times I also felt I don’t think I could actually make it to the otherside.

The only thing I knew  would heal me was to make art but I was so overwhelmed with pain that I couldn’t draw. So I figured out a way to begin shifting my block that was easy to do in such an overwhelmed state and that was to take at least one photo a day that can describe how I was feeling and write down just a few words describing how I felt. No I didn’t  publish most photos just some and this blog was a way to also work through the shame I carried within me since I was a child. I knew part of my healing was to be seen and it needed to be my art. Putting art out in the world is one of the most vulnerable and empowering things anyone can do I needed to be both. 

I couldn’t do more than that. Life was unclear. It was messy as fuck and incredibly painful. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t see clearly just had to trust in the moment with how I felt. 

Some fears don’t end they lessen and you learn to be aware of them as you grow and not fall into the belief of that fear. Fear is a close friend of mine. I’ve learnt to understand fear over the years and we have a healthy relationship now. I’m grateful for fear it has helped be grow in ways I never thought imaginable. 

The point of the post is I made it through πŸ™‚  not only creating art but selling it. No matter how messy life gets it slowly becomes clearer and I believe us humans need to trust how we feel more especially when we can’t see. That’s called trusting and believing in yourself. We don’t need to control what’s happening outside of ourselves we need to follow our feeling and listen to them always. 

And if you’re thinking about putting something creative in the world, DO IT! That’s your feeling right? Follow and trust it believe in you that’s what YOU wants. πŸ™‚ xxx


Chaos my Old FriendΒ 

Chaos my old friend how we have become acquainted over the many years. 


‘Transmutation’ by Astara Lak’ech
You have taught me not fear you but to surrender to you and understand the reasoning of why you present yourself in my life. 

I can’t thank you enough of what you given me. You’ve taught me to stand in the eye of the storm and see with my real eyes. 

‘Mud Witches’ by Astara Lak’ech

You’ve taught me to see, to honour myself and my boundaries. To speak up when it’s needed not just for me but to speak up for those that cannot…you showed me my taught me to see me as I really am.


Work in Progress – Astara Lak’ech
For that I thank you.