Why We Need Artists and Writers

Haven’t we all walked into a crazy beginning of the year? Fuck almighty with everything that’s happening in the world it’s given me clear perspective. It’s definitely lit a fire under my arse and got me thinking to where to now and narrow in to what’s actually important and how I want to use my energy.

I had a very small moment of thinking, why create art when the world is going to shit?  

It’s was brief, a few seconds of fear ๐Ÿ˜„ but more than anything we need to keep making art, write, create all the good and beauty we want to see in the world between being proactive to change shit too. 

Theres a time to make a stand and fight the good fight, and then there’s a time to cave, create, be and listen. Creativity will keep us sane. Keep us centred as fuck, to go beneath the fear because let’s face it’s going to get worse. 

But we can write words of encouragement, write poetry, share how we feel letting others know they’re not alone. And we need beautiful pictures to escape into, to make us feel, to inspire us to do more and remind us that we have the power to change shit up. 

It a time for reflection that’s for sure, but it’s also a time for action. The duality of the masculine and feminine working together within which is what’s missing in the world. 

Where’s the feminine honoured in all of this mess? It’s not, that’s why there’s chaos why we need writers and artists of every genre more than ever. Exercising creativity, exercises creative thought and action so fuck yeah to making art.

I have never lived what’s considered to be ‘normal’, I walk the the old ways of how it once was so I’ve always been on the edges of society. I live close to the earth, I’ll do anything for her, and who I am and how I live is the greatest resistance there can be right now and we need more people that choose earth, art and the web of life first. 

That’s true activism. 


Permaculture and More Change

Mercury fucking retrograde can piss off now thanks and apparently it will this Wednesday. Christ almighty I’ve had enough of it. I’ve created about two pieces of art since it begun, my head’s mushy, I’m behind in my study, and I’m tired as fuck of feeling. Anyone else tired of feeling so much?

These last few weeks have felt like months, seriously months but besides all the whinging I did get a heap of stuff done, other stuff besides art that will clear the way for more art and more greenery. I’m obsessed with permaculture and anything green and that’s where my heart seems to be calling me the most nowadays besides art.

The sadness of seeing our earth in such a critical state because of us, people not humans, hurts. I’m finding this sadness has deepened to depression at times but how can you not feel depressed at times? If you’re connected you’ll feel the hurt.

I find this hurt stops me from creating too. I kind of just fall in a lull and just want to be outside more loving our Mother and putting some good stuff back into Her, sitting at the beach or forest and just listen to Her..just listening because we don’t listen anymore, we haven’t been for too long a very big reason why this world is off balance, we don’t live close to Her anymore.

Permaculture principles rule my life now and I bring it into every place of my life including my art life which I have found ways to create art in a more sustainable way which I’ll share in another post. I just think we all need to learn how to live more sustainably and be that in every aspect of our lives and share. Share the knowledge because it’s such a heart centred and harmonious practice and we all should be interested in the planet that gives too much to us.

So I’ve decided this; my writing page will be changed into a permaculture page. It’s time I’ve been studying it for a while and I want to share what we can do to help ourselves and every living being on the planet. This is the link to the Facebook page:ย https://www.facebook.com/theshadowandthewild/ – right now it’s still my writing page but it will be changed this Wednesday when Mercury finally fucks off. And the name will be changed then and my writing will be shared on my art page which is connected to this blog.

I’ll share more over the next week because I’m still processing too much and still feeling pain, not going to lie. xxx

Purchase art at my new shiny website by clicking here –> ย chaosmoonarts.com


Writing, Art & Hedge Witcheryย 

I am sure no one expected the beginning of this year to turn out like this ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚ seriously lots of unexpected change which has changed the course of where I’m heading to completely, but now that I’ve found a bit of earth to plant my feet on even if it’s just for a while (and I’m sure it will be just for a while) I’ve been able to view the direction of where my art is heading to now.

I think the biggest thing for me is that the feeling around my art has changed. The last two years I’ve been very self focused with my creativity and I still am but it’s shifting into different forms I hadn’t expected. I think this may have been the biggest thing for me is adapting to how I feel when I create now and when I think about creating. It’s different. The feeling is less intense, quieter not so loud, well when it comes to painting BUT when it comes to writing the push is huge. I now have to make sure I write at least 2-3 times a day and if I can’t I feel unsettled so you can say I’ve swapped the paint brush for the pen.

Admittedly, I’ve been sulking a lot about this switch ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฉ it’s true I have and I’ve been procrastinating a lot because I’m sulking that I’m not painting as much as I was. Some might say go paint anyway but it doesn’t work like that for me at least, if I don’t feel it I don’t do it.

So the blog maybe aย touch quieter..maybe..probably not but you can find me here tooย Hedge Witcheryย and you can view some of my writing here on my other Facebook page click here –>ย Hedge Witchery-Astara Lak’ech

I am and still will be creating it’s just another amazing time of more change and I trust my mad hatter fluctuations ๐Ÿ˜‚ I always go with whatever I feel. Gotta trust the journey even when you can’t see. Trust your gut always and that’s what I’m doing.

BUT I have come back to my photography and I’ll be sharing more of that here soon. Xxx

Coming Undone..again

Is anyone else still finding their feet now January has passed? After Mercury retrograde and yet another clearing of bullshit are you in the same place as myself and find yourself asking over and over again, ‘where the fuck am I now?’ If not, lucky you but right now I wouldn’t say I’m floating around but more feeling into this new skin…again..constant change is beautiful, exciting, healing, tiring and annoying. Yes annoying ๐Ÿ˜’ Just when you’re excited on the path you’re on and feeling the ‘fuck yeahs’ everyday it changes on you ๐Ÿ˜ณ again and again. Tiring as fuck, can I have a holiday from change please? 

I know it’ll be great when I cross to the other side and feel solid once again with where I’m heading  but this time I’m feeling impatient. I usually wear change well but this time I’m allowing my frustration to delay the journey because I’m super keen to arrive where ever the fuck I’m meant to be. Yes I know it doesn’t make sense I love standing in my own way (not) but we all do it don’t we? So while I complain I’m going to delay it a little longer with my tantrum let it build up so I’m anxious, get angry, feel hopeless and then finally surrender… yep  ๐Ÿ˜ฉ 

The thing is, most of the time we already know where we’re heading and I kinda do but I also like to take my time feeling each step. Can’t rush the process man it needs to be felt, all of it. Why? because that’s how it goes. Feelings need to be felt. Feelings don’t have plans or a time where they are done it’s constant. It really is like moving in a sea of water. Sometimes it’s calm and sometimes it’s wavey as fuck and however it is we’re going to feel it. Even if you’re disconnected from how you feel you’re still feeling it because we can’t disconnect from how we feel it catches up with you and comes out in different and most of the time chaotic and self destructive ways. 

So yes, I’m floating, occasionally swimming, screaming out ‘I’m fucken tired can this stop now please’ but I do have an idea of where I’m heading and allowing the current to take me exactly to where I’m meant to be. I will be calm and then complain about it along the way ๐Ÿ˜„ because I can then I’ll create a whole heap of art and write a shitload which will help me arrive to where I’m meant to be. 

Welcome to the life of a highly sensitive, creative fucking genius connected to the universal flow of fuck yes, oh shit not again, I’m tired, fuck I love life ride of a conscious creator and human being who chooses to be connected to this beautiful planet and her crazy artistic self. 

Going back to tiredness now, feeling excited with some self pity… see you on the other side.. Xxx



I’m currently in a place of nothingness. That place where you receive so many ideas of where you can potentially direct your path to but usually don’t. It’s a place full of ideas, excitement of the new and the unknown and a little fearful of not knowing where the fuck you’re going to put it bluntly. It’s also a period of rest, of deep listening to not only the three thousand magical ideas you can manifest like a boss but really listening to the fears that surface in this space.

No need to go deep and explore the fear but to listen to it, acknowledge it and let it pass and feel ultimately what is my core passion and just receiving with clarity that next detail of where to from here. It’s a feeling of not wanting to sit still and distracting yourself for hours on the net of finding what that next detail could be ๐Ÿ˜€ which usually is a waste of time trust me ๐Ÿ˜€ though really it’s just stopping to just feel and be present with all the feelings that are wanting attention and that’s it. 

Being present. Don’t need to do anything but give your entire being presence.

Feel it all, be in your body, be fucken uncomfortable it’s ok it’ll pass and before you know that next detail arrives and the familiar feeling of ‘I already knew that’ returns.. ๐Ÿ™‚

copyright Astara Lak’ech

It Begins with a Stirring..

Anyone else going to be celebrating Mercury  going direct tomorrow?  Bloody hell it’s been fantastic to uncover, heal, let go and tie loose ends but I think I need a holiday from those three weeks ๐Ÿ˜„ 

Kidding it hasn’t been too bad ๐Ÿ˜„ but what I love is the clarity and the new energy that flows through from a good clear out its like inhaling fresh air because out of that comes change, new creative ideas and the possibility of beginning something new that makes your soul sing and that’s what happened for me.

It’s the stirring of fresh possibility like the first lines of an abstract painting. 

It’s exciting and full of potential but there’s also an element of fear and uncertainty of will it turn out? Will I be happy with it? Can I transform it if it doesn’t turn out? 

And like life itself you just have to trust that yeah it will be ok regardless and it’s really just having faith in yourself.

 Like a piece of writing or a painting and life itself you can’t be too fixed on a vision where it becomes so rigid you push against your own natural flow to make things work the way the ego wants it to.

Hold the vision but be open that things can change and remind yourself that nothing is certain and believe that you can create the life/art you want it’s about the process, the journey not necessarily the outcome…Xxx

Work in progress by Astara Lak’ech

The New

Anyone else feeling like clearing out stuff?
I’m not just talking about material stuff but getting clear with intentions with where we want to go, letting go of those connections we hang onto for whatever reason we tell ourselves we should hang onto them really just making room for new energy.
New new new is what I’m feeling.
Not because we’re coming close to ending yet another year but because it feels right and feels like it could be a big step into yet another step into our empowerment.

I feel the stirring of new creative ideas which I’m sitting with and making steps to manifest them I made a couple of steps just this morning by ordering the supplies to create them.
Excited but shitting myself why?
Think it’s just part of the new energy a new feeling of self belief that yes I fucken can, constantly letting go so the creative flow keeps flowing and the abundance in every area in my life is flowing in.

Isn’t it strange how we hang onto what’s comfortable and we keep pushing that very same energy and yet it’s not working? And yet we fear letting go of it.
Why as human beings we have trouble with letting go accepting the life and death cycle of life in every way, in everything we do.
Everything ends eventually why is it that we can’t accept change?
Why do we choose to create more pain for ourselves by hanging into the old?

Isn’t it easier to fall into the unknown and trust ourselves that we can make whatever we want happen?

This painting I recently created kinda explains what I’m feeling.

Sit in our own personal power and just let the fuck go.