Spirit Speaks – Art & Writing With Depth

It is a strange fact, but also one that very much shows the state of our world is in, how people fear depth when once upon a time visionaries were honoured and sort after for bringing in insight and wisdom from our ancestors and spirits who freely want to support humanity to evolve.

True visionaries connect with spirit to bring information to their communities whether in person or online, to support and assist humanity to evolve, meaning their work will carry depth and insight that may at times challenge your perception or the way you view the world or insight that may unsettle you. That’s not a bad thing, it’s necessary. It’s necessary to know, to grow and being uncomfortable is necessary because change is constant, everything is always moving whether we choose to accept that or not, but most people don’t want uncomfortable and how I view this is they know deep down by not being able to carry or feel the unsettledness from such wisdom, they are trying to control the fear they feel instead of confronting what is being felt.

People don’t want to feel uncomfortable feelings anymore, I sometimes wonder do they actually want to feel because it is part of our human make up to feel all sorts of feelings, avoidance does nothing but allow it to grow to the point of overwhelm and sometimes even breakdown.

Why am I writing this? I have always shared the depth of my work and my art is no exception but I have noticed lately that the more I’m sharing the depth of my art the more my audience is dropping. No, not worried, actually I’m grateful and yes this is in reference to my social media platforms.

It does show the lack of understanding around the depth of art and what it actually means and how a lot of people do not understand, well shall we say forgotten, what the channel for creativity is here for.

I am finding the more my audience drops, the more confident I feel about my work. Why, because I’m rattling the mass thinkers and I believe this is what my work is here for. In saying that, I have new changes with my art that I will share very soon. xxx

Work in Progress – influence of Vodou chaos painting by Astara Lak’ech (c) 

Frustration my Dearest Friend

Ok airing this here because I’m I’m sure many of us feel this at times.

Ok the new. New creations are emerging in my world amazing creations but that block that fucking block where you can see it and sure you can create it BUT it feels like something is holding you back like moving forward with a lucky band around your waist. Aaarrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

It’s right there taunting you every minute of the day and you try to stop to go within, have a look around at what needs your attention BUT you distract yourself with the stupidest things and it feels like the longer you leave it the more the frustration builds. I feel like screaming fuck at the top of my lungs.

To my dear friend frustration,

We have been close you and I for sometime and yes you shit me when you hang around but I also know you well enough now that you’re the key to unlocking what needs to flow through but the key changes often and I shift my focus on what an arsehole you can be and really its not like that. I apologise and thank you for your patience as I realise now that I just need to surrender to you. Forgive me for being an arse as by just writing this I have reminded myself that I need to surrender.

With love your blind sighted friend xoxo

Who says writing isn’t magic. There you go I just reminded myself that I have to surrender.